Software Projects:


Platform for tracking quantum computing benchmarks hosted at Co-developed with Dan Strano.

Press: PRNewswire press release, QC Report, <a href="">Quantum Insider</a>.


An open source Python library for studying various objects in quantum information, namely, states, channels, and measurements.


An open source Python module for investigating various problems in quantum state optimization.


Companion code for the my programming tutorials on my LucidProgramming YouTube channel.


A Python wrapper for extracting information from Scirate


An open-source Monte Carlo simulation engine written in C++ using the CUDA wrapper. I worked on an early version of this software during my Masters.

Misc Projects:


The LucidProgramming YouTube channel is where I post various instructional videos on various software development topics.

Nonlocal Podcast

Co-host of the "Nonlocal Podcast"--a podcast about various aspects of quantum computing.

Data Structures and Algorithms in Python

I partnered with Educative to produce a course to teach data structures and algorithms in Python.