I have played the guitar for around 15 years, and have recently started getting more into playing finger-style and classical guitar. For my own benefit, I’ve been more frequently recording and uploading guitar videos to YouTube. This allows me to post tangible milestones that I can refer back to and (hopefully) observe progress in my playing. It is also quite a bit of fun to learn, play, and record these pieces, and the modest amount positive feedback on my channel has been encouraging me to continue.

The majority of these videos has been focused on either guitar renditions of songs from various video games or certain classical guitar pieces. Again, perhaps for my own benefit, I’ve put together a “Music” page that lists the videos and also provides guitar tablature for the corresponding song. Since a lot of the songs I’ve been playing are covers of covers, the guitar tablature is typeset by someone else, but is provided on the “Music” page for completeness. I’ve credited the arranger of the music when this is the case, and otherwise, write the guitar tablature out myself if there is no appropriate guitar tab found.

For the guitar players among you, I hope that the guitar tablature and corresponding videos serve as helpful resource material for improving your own playing. For the music enthusiasts among you, I hope that I will be forgiven for the music I will be creating during this process. For whatever reason, if you’d like to keep tabs on the videos I’m releasing for humorous purposes or otherwise, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here:

I’m also receptive to suggestions for music to cover as well, so feel free to either comment either here or on YouTube as to what you’d like to see me butcher.